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Ever heard of Tallinn, Estonia? Quite honestly, until booking our Scandinavian Cruise, I hadn’t either. You’ll find tourists in every city no doubt, but for some odd reason, Tallinn is still largely untouched by crowds of tourists. Quite frankly, I think majority of all the tourists in the city the day we visited came from our cruise.

After a big breakfast on our ship, the Regal Princess, we got off and went to port. On our Mediterranean Cruise last year, for a lot of the cities we visited we would take a tour via hop on hop off busses. They allow for flexibility at a budget friendly price, and provide you with great information as you ride along with their audio tour that comes in several different languages. The red busses of City Sightseeing are unmistakable, and you can find them in almost every city. City Sightseeing had a booth set up right in port, and once we grabbed our tickets we boarded the bus and were off!

As we drove around the city of Tallinn, the audio guide took us on a tour, pointing things out as we passed them. After riding around the city, we got off at Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As our port day was rather short, we decided to spend our whole day exploring here.

Our City Sightseeing bus dropped us off at Toompea Hill, the upper level of Old Town. And right up the street from our bus stop, the first thing we saw was the gorgeous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Following with the colour scheme of all of Old Town, the cathedral is a pretty pastel pink and has got to be the most stunning building here.

But who am I kidding, you can’t help but stop at almost every doorframe and street in Tallinn, each so beautiful and unique. There isn’t a corner in Old Town that I didn’t find photogenic. As I mentioned before, Toompea Hill is the upper level, and so as we walked around we found a spot with a breathtaking view over the lower level of Old Town. This spot can get busy as people are eager to take photos with the lovely vista, but with a little bit of patience, you’ll find the perfect opportunity to snag a photo.

After exploring Toompea Hill, we wandered down to the centre of Old Town where you can find all the restaurants and cafes. Here you’ll find more locals out and about enjoying their days, and you can really feel the lively vibe of the city. As it was getting later into the afternoon, the sun was really shining through which was a nice change from the cold conditions we were experiencing on most of our cruise. Tallinn was our warmest port, and the sun looked so good on this cobblestone, pastel Old Town.

After our day soaking up the sun walking around Tallinn, we found ourselves back at the bus stop ready for City Sightseeing to take us back to the ship. It’s hard to pick a favourite port from our Scandinavian Cruise, but Tallinn was definitely up there on the list. The quaint, cute town was a pleasant surprise for me and although I hadn’t known of it’s existence until right before this trip, it’s a place I would definitely consider going back to.

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