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The end of August means one thing for a shopaholic like me in Vancouver – warehouse sale season. The annual OAK + FORT warehouse sale is back, and it’s 3X bigger than last year (you can find that haul here). If you’re serious about saving yourself some big bucks and scoring some great deals at up to 80% off, be sure to check out the sale! For a sneak peek at what you can find this weekend, keep scrolling to see our haul from the pre-sale and some tips!

But first, here’s the details:

Vancouver Convention Centre East
999 Canada Place
Exhibition Hall A

Thursday, August 17 + Friday, August 18 + Saturday, August 19: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday, August 20: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Cash, credit, and debit will be accepted. No large bags/backpacks or food/drink are allowed inside. No gift cards, exchanges, or store credits will be issued or processed. All sales are final. New product will be added daily! Additional information can be found on the Facebook event page.

If you’re heading to the OAK + FORT warehouse sale these next 4 days, here are my top 5 tips (most of which can be applied to any warehouse sale):

  1. There are shoes!!! They’re in the back of the room and I highly suggest going there first as sizes can be limited. That and the fact that I’m almost certain this area will get crazy with shoes and boxes going everywhere and pairs getting mismatched.
  2. The best deals are found in the “designer samples” section. This area is also at the back of the room (take the hint!) and it’s where you’ll find the most one-off pieces because well, they’re samples. Seriously though, this section is gold and is where I found most of my pieces.
  3. Find an empty box! Drag it around with you and throw what you find into there. You’re going to want both hands to go through the racks and your arms can only hold so much.
  4. Grab first, think later. This is like my golden rule of shopping at warehouse sales. It’s better to just go like lightning through the racks picking out everything you love and then decide on what you will ultimately purchase at the end when you’re done trying everything on. It’s a “you snooze you lose” game for sure so you’d rather just pick out everything you like before someone else does.
  5. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. In this case, a girl’s “no” pile can be filled with some great pieces. After all, there’s a reason they picked them out in the first place. You’ll probably find these piles scattered everywhere throughout the change room and even just chilling on the floor in the main shopping area. People tend to make these piles in corners and near walls so keep an eye out as you walk by.
  6. Bonus tip! Wear leggings and a tank! There are communal change rooms (so also be sure to wear undergarments you’re okay with strangers seeing lol), but if you can’t be bothered to go in there (there can be long lineups) or just aren’t comfortable with a communal change room, leggings and a tank will enable you to try on most things on top!

If you kept up on my Insta stories last night you would know that we had piles of stuff that we picked out over the 3 hours. Seriously, we hoarded a corner in the room with piles of all the items 4 of us picked out and took turns watching our stash haha. Here’s what I ended up with (in order of appearance):

Black Tank: $15 (was $54)
Sample Grey Culottes: $15 (estimated was $68)
Throw Cushion: $10 (was $28)
Black Slip: $5 (was $38)
Sample Green Pants: $15 (estimated was $78)
Black Heeled Sandal: $20 (was $78)
White Tank: $15 (was $54)
Black Trousers: $25 (was $98)
Black Mule: $35 (was $88)
Sample Grey Cardigan: $20 (estimated was $108)
Sample Black Trousers: $25 (estimated was $88)
Sample Wine Dress: $15 (estimated was $78)
Sample Navy Blouse: $10 (estimated was $78)
Noul Off White Pants: $5 (was $98)
Navy Mule: $30 (was $78)
Sample Black Jumpsuit: $30 (estimated was $88)

Our grand total (before taxes): $310 (was $1284)
We saved $974 (which averages to an overall 76% off)!

*Disclaimer: Items at a warehouse sale are often one-offs and so prices can vary! Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change. 

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