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A walk through Nyhavn, the most recognizable part of Copenhagen where buildings of different colours are lined along a canal is a must see, and so is visiting Tivoli Gardens, the world’s oldest running amusement park (Walt Disney even drew inspiration from here). There’s no doubt that you’ll fill your days in Copenhagen, we spent almost a week in total here! There’s a mix of lesser known places and the very well known ones, so here is a run down of stops you can’t miss.

Church of Our Saviour
One of Denmark’s most famous churches, Church of Our Saviour is home to the best view in Copenhagen. Since 1752, you can climb 400 steps up the spire to find yourself 90m up in the air with a stunning view, and we all know I’m a sucker for those.

Paper Island
For decades the island was an industrial area that housed paper and was closed to the public. Now anyone can visit, where you’ll find the once paper-filled buildings has been transformed into Copenhagen Street Food. This island is definitely one of the up and coming areas of Copenhagen.

Christiansborg Palace
This Palace holds a lot of history. It’s in the centre of the city and is currently where the Danish Parliament is located. On the grounds you can tour The Royal Reception Rooms, The Royal Stables, The Royal Kitchen as well as The Ruins (this palace has been burned down and rebuilt before).

Superkilen Park
Quite possibly the biggest and coolest urban park I have ever seen is located in the Nørrebro area. The park is divided into three main sections, each showing diversity as it is filled with different things from around the world.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Located next to Nyhavn and near Charlottenborg Palace, this is where you’ll find a large exhibition space for modern and contemporary art. If you don’t find yourself going inside the museum, the open courtyard is a gorgeous place for photos.

This newly opened science centre is a lot of fun for kids (and for adults who are still kid at heart). If you hail from Vancouver, you will find it quite similar to our Science World. As I mentioned earlier, we had a lot of time in Copenhagen, but if you don’t, I would skip over this one.

Kronborg Castle
Known around the world thanks to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Kronborg Castle is probably the most famous castle in Denmark. Located in Elsinore, you’ll need to take a train out of the city. But if you have the time, it’s well worth the visit.

Oliver’s Garage
We trekked here on our way back from Elsinore, and let me tell you – to a bunch of tourists, it’s seemingly in the middle of nowhere. This is as hidden as hidden gems get, but if you have the time, it’s a fun adventure. Located in Charlottenlund, Oliver’s Garage is located inside the iconic gas station built by famous architect, Arne Jacobsen. This place is so cool, and even though it was freezing outside, we had ice cream.

I most definitely skipped over some key places to visit in the heart of Copenhagen – there’s so many palaces, beautiful streets and there’s just so much to explore. But I can’t cover it all, so the above is my recommended guide filled with places beyond the usual. If you’re planning a Scandinavian Cruise that is roundtrip from Copenhagen, I would highly suggest tacking on some days at the beginning and end of your trip to explore this beautiful and historic Danish city.

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