In 2015, I remember my sister telling me that I should start a separate Instagram account for my #OOTD’s because I was spamming my friends and family with content they probably didn’t care for. This was the birth of @wong.jpg and The Wong Collective, and two years later it has evolved from something just-for-kicks to more than I could ever imagine.

A Vancouver based blog, The Wong Collective is a creative outlet that showcases my passion for travel, fashion and photography through digital content creation. The aim is to inspire readers and viewers to create and explore the world around us.

I am a human of Vancouver that is fuelled by coffee, obsessed with world travel, and an avid advocate of wearing black. On weekdays I am a full time student pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration degree, and on weekends I am a vocalist and musician. All other hours of the day, you can find me doing research and analysis on Instagram, as well as curating and editing my visual identity and voice for my own feed.

Thank you for following along on this creative adventure. Be sure to grab yourself a cup of coffee, it’s time to read!

With love,

1 Peter 3:3-4

To the ends of the earth.